Therapy FAQ’s

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms and wish to resolve them, my aim is to use every skill at my disposal to help you to achieve the following results:

    • Release the effects of traumatic experiences
    • Release feelings of anger, sadness, fear, guilt or grief that are preventing you from living the life you want to
    • Improve Confidence and self-esteem
    • Change Negative thought patterns
    • Stop Smoking
    • Resolve Sexual Issues, Rape or Child Sexual Interference
    • Release Anxiety. and resolve Panic Attacks and Phobias
    • Ease the effects of Depression and move forward with positive possibilities for the future
    • Improve Relationship problems
    • Change patterns of Insomnia or poor sleeping
    • Overcome Exam nerves
    • Overcome Addictions – alcohol, recreational drugs, sex, overeating, overspending (or others)

This Hypnotherapy Practice helps you to resolve inner conflicts, let go of troubling emotions, change unwanted behaviours, and connect with your mind, body and soul, allowing you to find deep inner peace and to enjoy living your life to the full.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What results can I expect?”

Firstly, all sessions are solution focused.

If your focus is to resolve an issue, plenty of time is used to focus on solving the problem, with just as much emphasis on creating what you would like to experience instead. This is very important for your ability to maintain changes after the therapy is completed.

In nearly all cases you can expect:

  • a reduction in negative feelings
  • an increase in positive feelings and insights
  • and a sense of relief and relaxation after your first session

If your current problem has been long-standing and/or seriously inhibiting, the best long term results will happen after several sessions.

“Is Therapy difficult or emotionally painful?”

To answer this question it’s useful to look at the laws of the natural world. Seeds struggle to break through the soil and become trees, when we’re young our teeth break through the surface of the gums to grow, when we’re adolescent we go through confusing and difficult hormonal changes if we embark on a physical training regime we usually experience some pain before we get physically fit.

Pain or discomfort of some sort can be an inevitable part of the growth in all life – there appear to be no natural exceptions! However, it is not harder or any more extreme than you are naturally ready for. The degree of emotional pain or discomfort in therapy can be measured and carefully worked with so that you are never stretched beyond what you are capable of. You are also in the hands of a skilled and experienced facilitator who will only work with you in your current level of need, and provide the necessary support to take you to the next stage.

It’s also useful to think of what happens if seeds decide not to grow through the soil, teeth decide not to grow through gums, children decide not to go through adolescence, and we never embark on physical training……nothing happens!
Not only is this not possible, life simply isn’t designed this way. Everything is programmed to grow, including our mind, body and spirit and it helps to view any personal pain you’re experiencing as part of your natural process. Choosing to work with this consciously, and with a good support structure can even be enjoyable, and adventurous!

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