Past Life Regression Training

Past and Current Life Regression Therapy Practitioner – 8 Day Practitioner Course

This training covers beginners and advanced techniques for using Regression Therapy to treat past and current life issues professionally with clients. It is taught in 2 x 4 day modules with approximately 3 months in between modules, and is suitable for students with prior training and experience with hypnosis.

The course engages all 3 aspects of the client’s consciousness – the mind, body and soul, and is designed to enable a student to resolve deep and long standing issues with their clients. It includes a range of modern hypnosis, techniques and concepts from indigenous cultures, and spiritual energy healing tools to obtain the best possible healing outcomes.

In between module one and two, this is time for you to practice with people and hone your skills. You will be given up to 6 hours one to one supervision via email and phone or Skype for 3 client case studies, and after module two you will be given up to 12 hours one to one supervision for 4 client case studies, and your post course exam.

Classes are small in number to maximize your learning (up to 9 students per class) and practice sessions are held in quiet, private rooms to allow you to fully focus on the skills being taught.

During the course you will have many opportunities to experience and heal your own past lives and gain a deeper understanding of your soul purpose in this lifetime.

Experienced therapists and professionals in other modalities can enroll after obtaining basic Hypnosis skills.  The 2 and 4 day Hypnosis courses offered by this training company are designed to obtain the necessary skill set for Regression.

Upcoming courses:

Perth, W.A.

Module One – Thursday May 10th to Sunday May 13th, 2018

Module Two – Thursday July 5th to Sunday July 8th, 2018

Melbourne, Vic

Module One – Thursday July 26th to Sunday July 29th, 2018

Module Two – Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th September, 2018

Sunshine Coast, QLD 

Module One – Thursday August 30th to Sunday September 2nd, 2018

Module Two – Thursday October 11th to Sunday October 14th, 2018 

Sydney, N.S.W. – 2nd Training for 2018 now open for registrations

Module One – Thursday September 13th to Sunday September 16th, 2018 

Module Two – Thursday November 8th to Sunday November 11th, 2018 


Auckland, New Zealand

Modules One and Two are held 2 months apart – expressions of interest for this years training are now open.

Module 1 in September (most likely the 20th to the 23rd – TBC), and

Module 2 in November (most likely the 22nd to the 25th – TBC)

Are the proposed training dates.

Please email tony at for a course prospectus and registration details. NOTE: the course costs have been adjusted for New Zealand and will be shown in the registration form in NZ dollars


Bali, Indonesia

Modules One and Two held together as a single course retreat (with one day off in between) – expressions of interest for the first half of 2019 are open now


Learn to:
•    Resolve issues and recover lost power.
•    Create a meaningful and peaceful life aligned with higher values.
•    Find the source of issues and transform them.
•    Release negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions.
•    Heal the effects of traumatic memories.
•    Recover soul memories.

for you and for your clients.

Outline of the Course Content:

  • Introduction to Past Life Hypnosis and Therapy
  • Prime Directives of the Unconscious mind and the importance of memory
  • How memories are stored
  • Overview of the 3 selves (Body, Mind and Soul) – their functions, and which levels of consciousness you’re working with in Past and Current Life Regression
  • Overview of the Past Life and Soul progression model of human experience
  • The importance of the first event – the root cause of a problem / activation of a soul lesson
  • Hypnosis methods for Past Life Regression – guided visualization, progressive relaxation, confusion etc
  • Practical applications of association and disassociation in Past Life Hypnosis
  • Using Hypnosis to explore Past Lives
  • Navigating potential blocks during the past life
  • Transforming unresolved events in Past Lives for a therapeutic result in the clients current life
  • The importance of the death point
  • The interlife – soul aspects, soul purpose and “helpers” (spirit guides, other souls etc)
  • Using timelines to locate relevant current life memories, bridge back to the original source of a problem, and navigate between relevant past lives
  • Interviewing techniques and symptom gathering – what to ask and why
  • Advanced Hypnotic Language patterns
  • Educating the client, expectation setting and goals for Past Life experience
  • Transformation techniques, including how to safely and permanently transform the memory of a traumatic event in a past life, or the current life
  • Basic techniques for working with intrusive energies

Training Investment – $2790

It includes lectures, supervised practice sessions, demonstrations, group discussions, supervised post course case studies, and a short exam for certification. (A limited number of low cost accommodation options will be available at each venue – contact Tony for details)

To reserve a place in this training session please download and complete this registration form.

Download Registration form. (WORD) or (PDF)

Early bird specials:

 1. Book and pay the full training fee before your first module and receive $290 off

Total fee – $2500

2. If you are uncertified in Hypnosis and need a beginners Hypnosis course, book for the Home Study Hypnosis course and Past Life Regression Therapy Practitioner training, and receive $395 off!

Both courses total fee – $2890

(Longer term payment plans are also available – please request a registration form, or visit the “Payment Plans” page for details). 


Interested in attending a Practitioner Training Workshop in 2017?  View our training Training Course Schedule and email Tony with your preferences.