Between Lives Spiritual Regression Training

Between Lives Spiritual Regression Training is entirely suitable for those wanting to explore their spiritual self or other aspects of the spirit world. If you are already happy and fully satisfied with your life, a Life Between Lives session can still be a profoundly interesting and peaceful experience.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression

This course is designed give you the skills and knowledge to guide a client into deep hypnosis and explore their soul memories of the in between lives state.

The training is based on the groundbreaking work and instruction of Michael Newton and his books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”. It includes lectures, live demonstrations, supervised pair work, and supervised case studies after the course. During the 4 days every student will have the chance to guide a full Between Lives Spiritual Regression, as well as experience their own.

The training covers:

  • The client preparation and interview
  • Hypnotic deepening techniques for LBL
  • The crossover from a past life to enter the soul memories between lives
  • Experiencing rejuvenation energy to heal profound past lives
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides and Teachers
  • Meeting soul groups, and links between soul groups and people in this life
  • Meeting the Council of Elders who assist in planning the next life
  • Physical body selection for this life
  • Other activities in the between lives state
  • Reincarnation into this life & the experiences of entering the unborn baby
  • Overcoming blockages
  • Seeking advice for the client from the Elders
  • Integration into the client’s present life

Upcoming courses:

Sydney, N.S.W.

November, 2019 – dates TBC

Melbourne, Vic

October / November, 2019 – dates TBC


Training Investment – $1,495

It includes lectures, supervised practice sessions, demonstrations, group discussions, supervised post course case studies, and a short exam for certification.

When added as a third module to the 8 day Past and Current Life Regression Therapy practitioner training, you will qualify for a full Diploma in Regression Therapy. For students who have been trained by other institutes, you are welcome to join the Between Lives course provided you have sufficient qualifications and experience as a Past Life Regression facilitator.

(A limited number of low cost accommodation options will be available at each venue – contact Tony for details)

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Interested in attending a Practitioner Training Workshop in 2019?  View our training Workshop Schedule and email Tony with your preferences. The 2019 schedule has currently been confirmed but expressions of interest from other locations are welcome. If the minimum number of students can be enrolled, we can organise a workshop that suits you.