What is N.L.P. and Time Line Therapy™?

“What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?”

This is all about ‘how’ we think, not ‘why’.

It examines the way we organise our thoughts and behaviour to produce results.
Whether we’re aware of it or not, our thoughts, behaviour, beliefs and attitudes always produce results – some of which are not wanted and some of which are wanted. Understanding that we participate in the events and circumstances of our lives, is at the heart of NLP.

Neuro refers to the nervous system – through which our experience is processed via the 5 senses of sight, sound, feelings, tastes and smells.
Linguistic refers to Language, and other non-verbal communication systems (body language, voice tonality etc) – this is how our sensory experience is coded, ordered and given meaning.
Programming is the ability to discover and use the programs we run in our neurology to achieve our desired outcomes.

(….in other words, how we create less of what we don’t want, and more of what we do want!)


“What is Time Line Therapy(R)?”

Time Line Therapy(R) is a Hypnotic, memory-based process designed to make fast and lasting changes in a person’s experience.


An individual’s Time Line is an inner ‘line’ in the unconscious mind that holds all of a person’s history. Everything that has ever happened in the past has been recorded by the unconscious mind and can be accessed via the Time Line. Take a moment to think of all the memories in your life – the positive and negative events, the joys and fears, the happiness and sorrow, the loves and hates, the limiting and empowering decisions etc.

Consequently, this is a major part of the personality.

By being able to intervene in your Time Line therapeutically, seemingly miraculous changes can be created in your life – changes that extend even to the deepest level of personality


The common perception of Hypnotherapy is that it’s used to ‘fix’ problems. Hypnosis is very effective at resolving problems, though it also has many other uses – it has the power to access our unconscious, conscious and higher conscious selves, the power to maintain changes and keep us moving toward our goals, and the power to access different aspects of reality that are hidden from our waking awareness.

Negative experiences in life, negative emotions, bad habits or phobias etc, are almost always labelled as an “unwanted problem” – like a pest that has to be dealt with, and the common response for most people is to relate to them in conflict. There is often a strong desire to make the problem go away or wish it were different and this is understandable – in essence though, this is the same as being in conflict with ourselves.

When we strongly dislike an unwanted aspect of our experience, we are also strongly disliking an aspect of our own consciousness and by doing this we not only unwittingly dislike a part of ourselves, we are very often missing the point of why the problem exists. Ironically, this makes it much harder for change to take place.

Inner Fulfillment’s Hypnotic services seek to explore how problems can be a source of wisdom, an opportunity for growth, and powerful lessons that can be integrated for your highest good – often our problems are a calling to reconnect to our inner self. By approaching problems or issues in this way we gain the ability to understand and peacefully resolve them, by first changing our relationship to them. We can then easily let go of the experience, emotion or habit, phobia or trauma, by embracing the lessons that the problem represents.

A combination of Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy™ techniques are applied in a session to help you create changes you desire.

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