What is Between Lives Spiritual Regression?

Between Lives Hypnotherapy – The Evolution of Past Life Regression

So if we return many times in many different bodies, where do we go when we’re not in a body, and what is the purpose of our lives on Earth? 

TC - Ladder to skyIn the 1970’s, an American Hypnotherapist named Michael Newton was working with a client who spontaneously regressed into a past life experience and then went on to describe what happened after his death. Initially skeptical, Dr Newton decided to do further sessions with the client and research the results. Over 30 years and 7000 case studies later, Dr Newton is now considered to be a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about life after death through his development of the Life Between Lives Hypnotherapeutic technique.

The Life Between Lives process is a wonderful gift – most people describe the experience of an LBL as a fascinating journey, bringing a deeper sense of love, compassion, peace, and understanding of their life purpose. Before experiencing an LBL it’s first necessary to undergo a Past Life Regression, which acts as a bridge to the afterlife experience and an opportunity for therapeutic resolutions.

Between Lives Spiritual Regression

The techniques of Between Lives hypnotherapy allow you to access your soul memories while in a very deep state of hypnotic consciousness, and to consciously connect with your soul self. The success of the session lies in the amount of time taken to induce the trance, and the depth of the trance state. Sessions typically last between three and four hours, sometimes longer.

The Between Lives Regression explores your soul memories in the spirit realms from the last past life to the current life. You can expect to return to wakeful consciousness with a deeper understanding and commitment to live out your life purpose.

  • Learn why your body and life were chosen
  • Learn the link between the experiences you’ve encountered in both your past and present lives, and the lessons they brought.
  • Find the answers to age-old questions such as: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Where do I come from?” and “Where do I go when I die?”

Consistency of results seen in over 7000 cases spanning 30 years

This work is based on the groundbreaking research and instruction of Michael Newton, Ph.D., author of the best-selling books ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’. The findings reported by Dr. Newton represent some 7,000 Between Lives cases spanning a period of over 30 years. Dr. Newton’s clients, and those seen by therapists certified and trained in his methods, report remarkably consistent results, regardless of the client’s religion, philosophical orientation, or nationality.

One session produces enduring positive changes

Through years of clinical observation it has been noted that even a single Between Lives session promotes enduring positive changes to a client, particularly with their understanding of their life’s purpose. Clients consistently report that finding their place both in the physical world and in the eternal spirit world is the most significant work they have ever done.


It is recommended that a 90 minute Past Life Regression is held before undergoing a Between Lives session. This is an opportunity to discover more about y0our past lives and undergo any healing that may be required, as well as an opportunity to discuss your desired outcome for your Between Lives Regression.

The Between Lives session will take a minimum of 3 to 4 hours, sometimes rising to 5 hours. It’s highly recommended that on the day of your session you allow plenty of time to integrate your experience and relax as much as possible.

The session will also be professionally recorded on CD for your reference in the future.

A Between Lives experience can bring specific themes to your conscious awareness. Follow up sessions provide a great opportunity to explore them fully using other forms of hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy™.

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Between Lives Regression – (What to expect)

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