Healing Therapies available in a private clinic, or as a mobile service on the Sunshine Coast


Who would benefit from our Healing Therapies?

Healing Therapies can help if you:

  • have a problem or issue you want to change
  • can’t resolve a problem no matter how much you’ve tried
  • have negative habits or behaviours
  • have negative beliefs you would like to change
  • suffer from depression or feeling down
  • can feel anxious or suffer from anxiety
  • have emotional distress
  • feel stressed or overwhelmed

These services are  suitable for those wishing to gain insight into, and resolution of a specific issue.

These services are also entirely suitable for those wanting to explore their spiritual self or other aspects of the spirit world. If you are already happy and fully satisfied with your life, a Healing Therapies session can still be a profoundly interesting and peaceful experience.

A brief case history by phone or in person is recommended. At the end of the first session it becomes clear how many sessions are likely to be required to achieve your outcome, and this will be communicated to you clearly and honestly. For instance, cases involving traumas or depression may involve a longer treatment strategy.

Healing Therapies Available

Inner Fulfillment provides a number of healing therapies including:

Clinical Hypnosis

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

Life Between Lives Therapy


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