Regression Training Testimonials

Our training courses on Past Life Regression have had many happy clients. From counsellors to allied health professionals to psychologists, here is what they have to say about Tony Collins and his training courses.

“Having the Introduction into Hypnosis Course gave a clear understanding of the 3 different forms of consciousness and the benefits of this modality. It was a good basis for the Regression Course which allowed me to see how the process of Regression not only gives an insight into the different experiences we have had then but the process of minimising or totally clearing the energy around different emotions. It was very beneficial to learn about the different ways of releasing these energies in a safe, productive way. Having an understanding of what happens from the Death Point and Transformation was enlightening. It all helped to gain knowledge of the cycle of the Soul’s Journey and how the effects of those experiences can be “rebalanced”.

I appreciated the attention to detail, professionalism and opportunity to clarify questions the best. Excellent notes given in the manual and also updated versions forwarded when necessary. I enjoyed the balance of humour also!

The Case Study supervision was excellent. I appreciate the flexibility and readiness to arrange Case Study reviews and felt it was very personal, and grateful of the amount of (ongoing) help and explanation.

Past Life Regression came alive with this Course. I really came away feeling I had not only completed the Course but had been offered ongoing guidance when needed. Tony is a very committed Trainer. I appreciate his attention to detail and sensitivity. Gratitude, and 10/10 for the course”.

Chris – Sydney


“I have just completed the Past Life Regression Practitioner course with Tony Collins of Inner Fulfillment P/L in Qld and found the course to be professionally prepared and presented. The content of the course was relevant and interesting and Tony is an experienced and dedicated therapist and teacher who made sure everyone was able to interpret and understand every detail of the course.

I would recommend this course to any therapist or practitioner who has had Past Life experience personally or professionally and would like to learn or continue to expand their understanding of this very interesting and profoundly healing practice as a personal or professional process”. 

Dani – Hypnotherapist, Energy Worker – Melbourne


“The Past Life course comprehensively covered what’s required to take a person into trance, direct them through the past life experience and then realize their lessons from that lifetime. It was easy to follow and covered many difficulties that may arise in Past Life Regression sessions. I liked Tony’s manner as he encourages a relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend this training – it is not only helpful for those you work with, but also extremely helpful in understanding yourself!

In the Between Lives Spiritual Regression course I gained a deeper understanding of the hypnosis and regression process, and a working knowledge of the main stages of the Between Lives process. I enjoy Tony’s rapport with the class, his ability to discuss the information in depth, and I hope he is able to build on this success with future classes.

Tony is an inspired presenter. The material we covered was endlessly interesting, revealing many aspects of spirituality that I had previously not realized. I highly recommend these trainings – overall, a 9/10!”

Ross – Sunshine Coast


“I would like to highly recommend Tony Collins to anyone who is thinking about training in Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression. Tony is a truly gifted teacher, but more than that, he teaches with soul wisdom.

I did all of my training with Tony but after the courses are finished, Tony continues to teach and nurture his students and is always available to help.

I really enjoyed the courses: they were accessible and affordable, and working with the other students on each course was fantastic”

Linda – Gympie, Qld


“I learnt a lot about hypnosis deepening, overcoming blockages, and navigating the stages of the Between Lives process. I really enjoyed the relaxed nature of the training, the professional and informative trainer, and learning how to successfully guide a client into the spiritual realms for Between Life exploration.

It was a very interesting, informative and professional course – such a wonderful tool to guide the client into the spiritual realms for their personal healing and exploration. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn this modality with such a great tutor and a wonderful group of fellow students”.

Chloe – Sunshine Coast


“I undertook the Regression Therapy training having had some prior experience. However the depth of knowledge and powerful healing skills that Tony shared with us, and patiently taught us, built the strongest of foundations from which to launch my practice.

I now confidently know that I can assist anyone who comes to me for healing as well as being assured that Tony is always there to support me.”

Fiona – Queensland


“I gained a lot of knowledge and enjoyed learning about how we carry our thoughts and emotions with us from one life to another, and how important it is to heal from these and find forgiveness.

Tony is an experienced and skilled practitioner / therapist who imparts knowledge and skills in a practical manner. He has an easygoing style that is methodical, clear and very professional. If you want to deeply understand Regression Therapy, you will be provided with an in depth knowledge and a thorough understanding of how to assist a client to reach the source of their issue to once and for all let it go so they can heal.

The methodology is sound and based on a variety of Hypnosis, N.L.P., Regression Therapy and Between Lives therapy techniques, mixed with Tony’s own model of Regression therapy based on his skills and experience.

If you want to learn Regression Therapy, Tony is one of the best in the business – you will be very happy with the results!”

Tanya – Gold Coast


“I’ve got so many valuable skills and knowledge. I loved our group and trainers! We all worked very well together, learning from each other, making mistakes and receiving support, learning to trust our abilities and skills. The training was a life changing experience for me, not only in regards to my professional life but to my whole being. I was able to resolve so many of my personal issues that were bubbling on the surface and also stored deep inside.

I’ve had a couple of peak experiences during the training which are hard to compare – and it has been a very strong emotional experience!

An overall scale of 1-10 for the course…..can I put 11?!

Definitely no less than 10! Thank you all”

Yana – Melbourne